‘Improving Outcomes for Children with ADHD by Empowering Parents’ – Webinar 18/10/23 showcasing UK Mental Health services

Just one day to go until our FREE Online Seminar- ‘Improving Outcomes for Children with ADHD by Empowering Parents’ Seminar showcasing Mental Health services, 18th of October 2023 Parents Plus, the charity who develop evidence-based parenting and mental health programmes for services supporting families, is delighted to announce a unique FREE online seminar for mental […]

Parents Plus FAQ: Answering Your Most Common Queries

Welcome to our Parents Plus community! With an influx of new followers and enthusiastic participants, we’ve noticed an increase in queries and curiosities about our programmes and supports. To ensure that everyone feels well-informed, connected to our mission and understands how we can support their service delivery we’ve decided to compile a FAQ list, addressing […]

Develop Your Skills and Improve Outcomes for Children and Families: Parents Plus Programme Training for Professionals, Autumn Calendar

Do you want to develop your professional skills and improve outcomes for children, adolescents, and families?  Look no further than the Parents Plus suite of trainings, offered this coming autumn. From the early years to adult, and also supporting complex needs, each programme will equip you with the evidence based skills, practical strategies, and ongoing […]

The Parenting Network Pre-Budget 2024 Submission

The Parenting Network is an all-island network of organisations, academics and policy managers committed to improving family well-being through Parenting Support. Parenting Support refers to a range of information, support, education, training and counselling. There are also other measures or services that focus on influencing how parents understand and carry out their parenting role. The […]

“From Poverty to Potential: A Programme Plan for Child Well-being 2023-2025”

Following the decision to establish a Child Poverty and Well-being Programme Office in the Department of the Taoiseach, the Government has published the initial Programme Plan: “From Poverty to Potential: A Programme Plan for Child Well-being 2023-2025”. The Government’s vision is to make Ireland the best country in Europe to be a child. This is […]

5 Reasons Why Professionals in Community, Education, Health and Disability Services Should Attend the Healthy Families Programme Training

As a professional working in the community, education, health, or disability services, you understand the importance of supporting families in creating healthy and positive relationships. However, it can be challenging to know how to best provide this support. The Parents Plus Healthy Families Programme is a highly effective evidence-based programme that has been specifically designed […]

Image of Ciara from parents plus holding a copy of the Special needs programme. A professional parenting programme for parents of a child with addition educational needs.
Supporting Parents to Manage Challenges: The Special Needs Programme

The Parents Plus Special Needs Programme is a first-in-the-world programme for families rearing an adolescent with an intellectual disability and was created to help parents to manage challenges, improve their family’s well-being and strengthen their links with other parents.  Through training in the Special Needs Programme, professionals working with families and children will learn how […]

The Benefits of Training in the Working Things Out Programme

As a professional working with adolescents, The Working Things Out Programme is a comprehensive training programme which will give you the knowledge and tools to support teenagers experiencing social, emotional and behavioural challenges. This programme provides you with effective interventions and strategies to enhance emotional regulation, problem-solving skills, communication techniques, and resilience, as well as […]

We would like to express our sincerest gratitude for your time, attention and engagement at our “Collaboration is Key” seminar.

We are delighted to share with you the presentation slides from our seminar: Who was the seminar for? Anyone working in Community, Health, Education, and Disability Services supporting families and young people. This includes commissioners, heads of service, team leaders and practitioners. What did it cover? Prof. John Sharry, our Clinical Director, introduced our eight […]