Empowering Families: The Impact of the Parents Plus Children’s Programme

Parenting is a complex journey where guiding children through their early years demands a mix of love, understanding, and practical strategies.

The evidence based Parents Plus Children’s Programme offers a comprehensive approach to nurturing positive family dynamics. As a facilitator of this impactful programme, professionals are equipped with the tools to empower parents to navigate the complexities of child-rearing with confidence.

About the programme

At its core, the Parents Plus Children’s Programme is designed to address the multifaceted needs of families. By training as a facilitator, you gain insight into effective methods to support parents in managing behaviour and emotional challenges, thus fostering an environment where children can thrive emotionally and socially. The programme emphasises the importance of building self-esteem and confidence in children, laying a strong foundation for their development.

One of the programme’s critical components is its focus on reducing parental stress. By providing parents with practical problem-solving skills and strategies to establish positive daily routines, the programme alleviates the pressures of parenting. This proactive approach not only benefits the parents but also contributes to a harmonious family life.

Moreover, the Parents Plus Children’s Programme encourages the development of connected and close family relationships. Facilitators are trained to guide parents in engaging with their children in meaningful ways, thereby enhancing the family bond. Additionally, the programme places a significant emphasis on encouraging children’s learning and school work, recognising the pivotal role of education in a child’s life.

Who is the training for?

The facilitator training is designed to cater to a wide range of professionals who are in a position to make an impact on the lives of families.

This includes:

  • HSE Primary Care Teams (Psychologists, Social Workers, Speech and Language Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Public Health Nurses)
  • Professionals from Family Resource Centres, Children and Young People’s Services Committees, and Home School Liaison Officers (HSCL), TESS
  • Primary School Teachers, TUSLA Parenting Support Champions Project, and TUSLA Child and Family Agency Teams
  • Regional Parent support networks and Area Based Childhood Programmes

This diverse audience underscores the programme’s versatility and its capacity to be applied across various settings.

Proven Impact

The efficacy of the Parents Plus Children’s Programme is not merely theoretical but is backed by tangible outcomes observed in primary schools, mental health, and disability settings.

Families who have participated in the programme report significant improvements in their children’s social behaviour and a reduction in behaviour and emotional problems. Perhaps most importantly, the programme has been shown to decrease parental stress and increase parental confidence, which are critical components of a healthy family dynamic.

The Parents Plus Children’s Programme stands out as an important tool for professionals dedicated to supporting families. By training as a facilitator, you are not just imparting knowledge; you are fostering resilience, understanding, and connection within families.

The next Parents Plus Children’s Programme training takes place online via Zoom on the 17th, 18th, 19th, 22nd and 23rd April 2024 (9.15am-1pm).