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What does it mean to pause?

What does it mean to pause?

One of the core concepts in the Parents Plus programmes is ‘pressing the pause button’. When faced with challenging behaviours, parents are invited not to react and instead to take a pause instead. This pause interrupts unhelpful reactions and allows parents to take a moment so they can ‘tune in’ to their child’s needs ( and their own) and then consider the best response.

So important is ‘pressing the pause button’ that it is the most remembered ‘helpful concept’ in the Parents Plus programmes. When we follow up with parents six months later and ask them to pick what idea made the most difference, they are most likely say learning to take a pause.

Learning to pause is also linked to parent self-care and stress management. Pausing interrupts the stress cycle and helps parents learn to relax and reduce their own stress levels

However, learning to pause is far from easy and though it is the most remembered helpful concept, it is not the easiest to put into practice!

In the new delivery materials of the Parents Plus programme we try to make this core concept more accessible to parents. For example, we use the worksheet below with parents to consider all the different ways people can take a pause and invite them to identify what might work for them. Helping parents identify their unique way of pausing and interrupting the stress cycle is the key to making progress.

John Sharry, Clinical Director at Parents Plus, commented on the programme’s new core delivery, stating

The core delivery of the Parents Plus Early Years programme allows you to build the intervention around the parents’ needs and goals and to proceed at their pace ensuring they have time to create new habits in the home with their children.”

We have a special one module training for facilitators already trained in the programme to show you how to use the PPEY Core that will take place on the 28th May 2024 (9:15am-1:30pm) online via Zoom.

This training workshop will –
Introduce you to new PPEY core format and content
Recaps on skills of solution-focused video feedback
Copies of the new Parent Pack and Facilitator notes are included.

You can book a place on this special one-module training via the button below.

Learn more about at the NEW “Core” materials here.

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