The Parents Plus Programmes are practical, evidence-based parenting and mental health courses that are designed to be delivered by professionals who work with families. Please read our licensing guidelines for information on who can attend training.

MARCH 2023 – Over the past two years our charity has experienced a 25 – 30% increase in the cost of delivering our evidence-based services, including significant increase in print, distribution and operation costs.  Given the inflationary pressures that we are experiencing, we now need to increase the price of programme training and Facilitators Manuals by 10%.  The price of Parent Books will remain unchanged.  We hope you understand this decision.

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In addition to scheduled training dates throughout the year, we can tailor our programme training to best meet your service needs and the needs of the families that you work with. Our training can also be delivered directly to your agency for 12+ colleagues. This is a cost-effective way to train your team, or partner with other agencies, to deliver our programmes in your region.

To discuss tailored or onsite training, please contact our Impact Lead, Vicki Byrne at or call (01) 854 5185.