Hertfordshire Council Development and Commissioning Officer, Nicola Wilder.

In 2023 we worked closely with Hertfordshire Council in their rollout of the Parents Plus Parenting When Separated (PWS) Programme, through funding from the Dept of Work and Pensions Reducing Parental Conflict programmes.

They delivered the PWS online and in person and are currently designing and implementing an evaluation of the impact and outcomes for the families involved. Parents Plus has supported the Hertfordshire implementation, providing supervision to the practitioners and consultation to their Development & Commissioning Officer.

It has been a very successful collaboration thus far and we look forward to continuing to work with the council in 2024.

The below summary covers the period 1st April to 31st December 2023

  • 123 referrals of which 79 were female and 44 were male
  • 36 parents and carers have completed the course
  • 85% of parents and carers are requesting online delivery
  • 72% of parents and carers referring are resident parents and carers
  • 35 families referred were parents or carers to children with special educational needs and disabilities

100% Of parents and carers agree or strongly agree that the course was well organised.

100% Of parents and carers agree or strongly agree that the course was well led.

100% Of parents and carers agree or strongly agree that the facilitators included everyone.

80% Of parents and carers reported progress made towards their goals.

What parents felt was the most helpful part of the course.

  • “Ideas & understanding of other parents (non-resident) viewpoints plus little tips and tricks to ease communication.”
  • “All of the course was helpful but perhaps advice on keeping things businesslike, handling challenging situations and scenarios regarding your (or one’s ex-partner) was very useful and also remaining calm and compassionate with the children and putting them at the heart of everything is important alongside taking care of yourself.”
  • “Connecting with other parents and sharing experiences”
  • “Reminder of the importance of self-care”
  • “The group discussions were always good as they touched on subjects, we could all relate to in our own situations and the chance to talk was always good. The modules all had an element of parent and child perspective which was good to consider both and reflect from both sides.”
  • “Interacting with other parents in similar situations and hearing their view and understanding that certain universal themes across everyone’s situation.”
  • “Talking and listening to others’ experiences, realising that other people are going through the same thing.”

The Parents Plus – Parenting When Separated programme is run by an increasing number of Local Authorities throughout the UK under the Reducing Parental Conflict programmes. It runs in some Family Hubs and in other services offering family support in the community.

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