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At Parents Plus, we can tailor our facilitator programme training to best meet the needs of your service and those of the families that you work with. Our training can be delivered online, onsite or you can join our scheduled training for each programme.

Prior to training we can work with you to:

  1. Identify the specific outcomes that you want to achieve within your service or community
  2. Identify the target families you wish to deliver the Parents Plus programmes to
  3. Conduct an assessment of family needs and goals
  4. Match specific Parents Plus programmes for target groups to achieve best outcomes
  5. Plan training for facilitators in the relevant programmes
  6. Avail of post-training support to implement your programmes and ensure sustainability
  7. Follow the Parents Plus quality protocol as you deliver the groups to guarantee the best results
  8. Support your facilitators through the accreditation process to ensure that your programmes are run consistently in your agency

Parents Plus are here to support you every step of the way in your implementation process. We provide coaching to managers and project leads, and can facilitate planning workshops for large multi-agency community roll outs.

If you are a manager, service commissioner, or a lead facilitator and you would like to avail of our onsite training or discuss your service needs and programme implementation,  please email pynver@cneragfcyhf.vr to discuss training solutions.

Parents Plus has extensive experience in evaluating and monitoring outcomes of the Parents Plus programmes to ensure continued benefits to families and communities. Integrating evaluation into your local delivery of the Parents Plus Programmes has a number of long term advantages, including:

  • ensuring that your programmes achieve lasting outcomes
  • learning how to adapt programmes to meet the individual needs of your local and regional communities
  • publishing and celebrating positive outcomes
  • recruiting new parents for future groups
  • building collaboration with parents and local community networks
  • empowering parents to become a support network for one another

We can provide you with a range of tried and tested templates to successfully monitor and evaluate your groups. Please email pynver@cneragfcyhf.vr if you would like to book a consultation on evaluating your groups.

Parents Plus has an evidence-based quality protocol is designed to ensure the effective delivery of the Parents Plus Programmes post-training. Our Quality Protocol is explored in detail at facilitator training and centres on a series of practices and checklists to ensure that you:

  • establish client-centred goals with families
  • follow the core evidence-based principles of the programmes
  • gain session-by-session feedback from clients to ensure you are making progress
  • set aside a weekly reflective space in supervision to review client progress and your own practice

Parents Plus also provides you with a series of checklists, which allow you and your co-facilitator to rate your practice development and to set specific goals for your development as facilitators. Please read further about our Parents Plus Quality Protocol and our Facilitator Accreditation process for more information. These are available to read in the Programme Resources section below. (You need to be logged in as a trained facilitator to gain access to the materials).

As a trained Parents Plus Facilitator, you can sign up to our resources section to gain unrestricted access to:

  • valuable resources to help promote your groups
  • best practice, articles and video tips from our Parents Plus experts
  • powerpoint presentations about each of our programmes
  • Q&A forum on practice issues
  • facilitator newsletter archive
  • extra programme handouts and posters
  • printable parent certificates
  • parenting articles and links

To gain full, unrestricted access to all of the above and more, as a trained facilitator you can log in and view the extra materials in the Programme Resources section below.

Empowering professionals to make a difference to the families they work with is of immense importance to us and forms the basis of everything that we do. We understand that you may not have the extra time or resources to reach as many parents and referring agents as you want to. With this in mind, we offer the following marketing support to promote your Parents Plus programmes by:

  • issuing press releases to local print and online newspapers and by contacting local radio stations on your behalf
  • advertising your upcoming groups on our website and social media platforms
  • providing you with PowerPoint presentations to share with referrers
  • providing you with tailored posters and fliers, to recruit fathers, mothers, carers or adolescents to your programmes

If you would like additional support to advertise your groups, please email purevr@cneragfcyhf.vr

Once you train in one of our evidence-based programmes, to support you in your professional development, we offer you two free, supervision sessions in the first year post-training.  If you wish to take your practice to the next level and become accredited in the delivery a Parents Plus programme, we also provide further supervision.

Individual Supervision
You can avail of a 50 minute face to face or Skype supervision session with a Parents Plus Trainer, to review your practice and to support you in delivering your groups. Central to your supervision is a review of the parent/young person goal forms and session rating forms, as well as the facilitator planning and review sheets. In addition, your individual supervision can be used to review video clips of your practice, and we can provide tailored feedback in order to further develop your practice skills and prepare for your accreditation application. Individual supervision sessions can also be organised for co-facilitators together who are running the same group and this is recommended.

Group Supervision and Practice Workshops
Parents Plus also provide regular half day group supervision and workshops, which are a great opportunity for you to reflect on and develop your practice and share your experience of running Parents Plus groups with others.
The workshop is for trained facilitators in any of the Parents Plus Programmes. You may be running a group, you may be aiming to get a group off the ground again in your service, or you may be a newly trained facilitator wanting support in getting started with a programme. This workshop also contributes to your supervision if you are completing the Parents Plus Accreditation process.

At the workshop, you will have a chance to connect with other Parents Plus facilitators in your area and learn from each other on how best to deal with challenges that may arise. You will also get lots of support and tips on all aspects of programme delivery. The workshop will:

  • help you develop your group facilitation skills
  • support you in getting Parents Plus programmes up and running in your service
  • provide tips on recruiting parents to attend and to keep up attendance each week
  • discuss specific challenges
  • provide information and support on progressing in the Parents Plus accreditation process

Sponsorship for further supervision is available on application.

Completing the Parents Plus programme training will license you to co-deliver the programme under supervision in both group and one to one sessions with parents. Please read the full licensing guidelines here.

For facilitators who want to take their practice to the next level, Parents Plus has an established accreditation process, which supports facilitators to refine and enhance their facilitation skills and professional practice. Becoming accredited allows you to achieve a high standard of delivery in order to ensure the best outcomes for the families that you work with.

The benefits of gaining accreditation include:

  • being licensed to deliver the Parents Plus programmes independently
  • opportunity to work as a Parents Plus Supervisor to support other facilitators
  • a major CPD achievement as a practitioner which is recognised by a range of professional bodies

The steps to becoming an accredited Parents Plus facilitator are:

  1. Attend Parents Plus facilitator training for the selected programme
  2. Notify Parents Plus and register as being on the accreditation process
  3. Facilitate at least two Parents Plus groups, following the Parents Plus Quality Protocol (including using session protocols, client ratings and evaluations)
  4. Complete the Parents Plus Supervision process, including video reviews of your group practice
  5. Submit a practice portfolio for review by Parents Plus

Further details of the accreditation process is in our Quality and Accreditation Guidelines document which is available to read in the Programme Resources section below – This is only accessible if you are logged in as a trained Parents Plus facilitator.

Parents Plus provides training and support for accredited facilitators to become Parents Plus Supervisors.

The role of a Parents Plus supervisor is to:

  • support new Parents Plus facilitators to deliver their programmes and achieve successful outcomes for families
  • provide supervision to facilitators as they deliver their Parents Plus programmes
  • host Parents Plus regional network meetings and local supervision groups
  • support facilitators to progress through the Parents Plus accreditation process

In order to apply to be a Parents Plus supervisor you need to:

  • be trained and experienced in running one or more of the Parents Plus programmes
  • be accredited or in the process of accreditation in one or more of the Parents Plus programmes
  • have specific experience in providing professional supervision and training
  • provide an indication of how much time you can allocate to your supervisory role

Acting as a Parents Plus supervisor can be:

  • part of your role within your agency
  • in return for a fee from Parents Plus for a designated project

If you are recruited as a supervisor, you will be provided with training and supervision from the training team at Parents Plus and you will become part of a network of Parents Plus supervisors.

To apply to become a supervisor, please fill out the application form here and return it to rvyrra@cneragfcyhf.vr

Video: An Introduction to the Parents Plus Special Needs Programme
This programme is for parents of adolescents with an intellectual disability. Learn more by viewing videos from the official programme launch and read about our training to become a facilitator of this programme.




If you are a trained Parents Plus facilitator, log in for full access.

The Parents Plus programmes are evidence–based mental health and parenting programmes for families that can be delivered by professionals under licence from the Parents Plus charity under the below strict conditions.

Attendance at a Parents Plus facilitator training
Parents Plus offers specific facilitator training and supervision to professionals who wish to deliver the programmes. Attending the training for each programme is compulsory and gives the facilitator the license to use the programme materials for that particular programme.

  • Who can attend training?
    The Parents Plus facilitator trainings are open to qualified education, mental health and community professionals. The programmes are run successfully in a wide range of settings including Primary Care, School, Health, Disability and Mental Health.In special circumstances it is possible for people without the above professional qualifications to attend the training, such as parents who have completed a Parents Plus course and who are supported by a professional agency to be a co-facilitator. Please contact us if you wish to attend training in these circumstances.
  • Co-Facilitation
    Parents Plus programmes must be co-facilitated, therefore, at least two facilitators need to be trained before a programme can be delivered to families. Facilitators who go on to complete our accreditation process are licensed to run the programme without a co-facilitator.

For more information, please read the full Parents Plus Licensing Guidelines.

What training does Parents Plus offer?

Parents Plus offers facilitator training in each of our seven programmes:

We provide a range of post-training supports to facilitators and agencies who want to ensure a sustainable and effective delivery of the programmes within their agencies. We also provide a new training  ‘Supporting Families Online and by Phone’.

Can I train as a Parents Plus facilitator?

The Parents Plus facilitator trainings are open to qualified education, mental health and community professionals. The programmes are run successfully in a wide range of settings including Primary Care, School, Health, Disability and Mental Health. For more information, please read the Parents Plus Licensing Guidelines.

In special circumstances it is possible for people without the above professional qualifications to attend the training, such as parents who have completed a Parents Plus course and who are supported by a professional agency to be a co-facilitator. Please contact us if you wish to attend training in these circumstances.

Where does training take place?

Due to Covid 19 restrictions, all our trainings are currently delivered online. There are scheduled trainings in each of the seven Parents Plus programmes throughout the year. You can see our upcoming events for all our programmes here. Parents Plus also carries out onsite trainings at the request of services and agencies.  These trainings are a cost-effective way for agencies to train a group of 8+ team members. Occasionally these onsite trainings are opened up for other agencies to attend too. 

How do I find out about when training is taking place?

Please check our training schedule to find out when the next training courses are taking place.  Alternatively you can sign up to our newsletter here.

Do I need a co-facilitator?

Parents Plus programmes must be co-facilitated, therefore, at least two facilitators must to be trained in the particular programme before it can be delivered to families. Facilitators who go on to complete our accreditation process are licensed to run the programme without a co-facilitator.

Can I charge parents to attend parent groups?

Facilitators are encouraged to run their parent groups free of charge or at a low cost through their agencies.  Parents can be asked to contribute a small fee to cover the cost of books and refreshments.

If you wish to deliver the programme privately and charge professional rates, you must first become an Accredited Parents Plus Facilitator.

For more information, please read the full  Parents Plus Licensing Guidelines.

Do Parents Plus offer training in my area?

Parents Plus can provide onsite training in your agency or team which can prove a very cost-effective way of accessing Parents Plus training for your whole team. In addition, we can provide tailored support in the roll-out and evaluation of the programmes to ensure effective community wide delivery. We can also co-host a training with an agency, whereby both Parents Plus and an agency recruit professionals to attend training in a local area. Please contact us directly at nqzva@cneragfcyhf.vr if you are interested in hosting a training in your agency.

How much does it cost to train a group of colleagues or professionals in my area? 

Onsite training is a very cost-effective way to train professionals in a local area.  We would be delighted to speak with you regarding running onsite training, tailored to the needs of your agency and service users.  Please contact us for details.

What is involved in onsite training? 

Parents Plus provides a trainer to deliver the selected programme over a course of 2 or 3 days.  Parents Plus will provide training packs for the agreed number of attendees. The host organisation is responsible for providing the attendees, training premises and refreshment for the attendees.

How much does facilitator training and the programme pack cost?

Please refer to our training page for prices of the programme materials and facilitator trainings for each of our programmes
* Training fee also includes two free supervision sessions in the first year post-training.

Are discounts available?

If you are block booking 5 or more places for your team, please email  nqzva@cneragfcyhf.vr to talk to our team about receiving a discount.

Does Parents Plus offer sponsorship?

Parents Plus provides a small number of sponsored places on our trainings to assist professionals and agencies who have difficulty accessing finance. To apply for sponsorship, you can complete an application and contract (links here). Sponsored trainees can receive up a 50% discount on a training place and programme materials. In return for this sponsorship, facilitators must:
– commit to run the programme at least twice post-training
– provide an outcome report to Parents Plus after delivering each of these programmes
Please note we can only provide sponsorship to a small number of agencies.

I have an old Parents Plus manual. Can I still use this?

The original Parents Plus programme materials were updated in late 2016. (Please note only the facilitator manuals and parent books have been updated at this time. The DVDs remain the same).  Older manuals can still be used, however we encourage facilitators to avail of a manual swap (€80 + P&P) to update their facilitator manual. These new manuals can be used in conjunction with the new parent booklets. Please email nqzva@cneragfcyhf.vr to organise a manual swap.

How can I purchase books for the parent group that I am planning?

Parent books can be purchased when you book your training, or afterwards here.

I ordered a programme manual but have not received it yet.

Parents Plus do not dispatch materials until payment has been made.  Please check with your finance department, that the invoice has been processed.

Do I need to order a programme in order to attend a Parents Plus training?

While we strongly recommend that you have your own programme materials at the training, it is not imperative.  Parents Plus provides ‘lend out’ manuals in the case of a trainee without a manual to work from.  However, you will require the programme manual in order to run the parent groups in your service.