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Healthy Families Programme

“Child physical and psychological health has become an alarming national health concern.  You can change the future health outcomes of children and families that you work with by empowering parents to make positive health and lifestyle decisions for their families today .”

Through solution focused training in the evidence-based Parents Plus Healthy Families Programme, you will learn how to equip parents to effectively improve the physical, nutritional and psychological well-being of all their family. 

Drawing on parents strengths, you will also learn how to support parents to build positive and preventative strategies into their family routines so as to mitigate against

In particular you will learn how to support parents to

  • Understand the factors that impact on their families health
  • Promote and maintain healthy eating and mealtimes
  • Manage technology and address behaviours due to overuse 
  • Support the growth and development of positive mental health 
  • Set up an environment that promotes physical health and activity

The Healthy Families Programme is suitable for all families who are bringing up babies and young children from 1 to 12 years of age

At the end of the 2 day training, you will have gained the skills and learning essential to achieving best outcomes for the families that you work with.

At Parents Plus, we understand the needs of professionals working with parents and children in a variety of educational, clinical and community settings, and so our expert led training will give you the knowledge and skills to focus on parental strengths, parent led solutions and positive partnerships. 

The power of our evidence based model really is in guiding you to become effective facilitators who are equipped to facilitate parents to move forward beyond problems and deal positively with health, behavioural, emotional or educational issues.  

Your three day training will focus on

  • Developing an in-depth understanding of the Healthy Families Programme
  • Learning how to deliver the programme to groups and individual families 
  • Opportunities to observe and practice the skills necessary to become an effective solution focused facilitator
  • Building on parents already present strengths to become the basis for ongoing change 
  • Strengthening family, health and community partnerships

Whether you work in a health, clinical, community or educational setting, by day ___, you will be confident in your ability to facilitate the solution focused Healthy Families Programme with parents.

Our evidence-based, Healthy Families programme is an effective tool for ALL professionals and managers who want to improve outcomes for families.  If you want to gain knowledge, in practical, evidence based, yet effective strategies to empower parents to change the future path for their children, then this training is for you.  

A wide variety of education, mental health and community professionals already use this solution focused programme successfully, with impressive outcomes in a variety or Primary Care, School, Health, Disability and Mental Health settings


  • Attendance at the Parents Plus Trainings is compulsory for facilitators prior to delivering the programmes.
  • Prior to accreditation, Parents Plus groups are to be co-facilitated. Therefore, at least two facilitators need to be trained before groups can be delivered in an agency.
  • Prior to booking a training please read the full Parents Plus Licensing Guidelines.

After a series of focus groups and workshops with families, the Parents Plus Healthy Families programme was developed in 2019. It is currently being tested with four groups of parents in schools and primary care and initial findings will be available in June 2020

At Parents Plus our mission is to empower professionals, services and communities to positively change the futures of children and families with our evidence based programmes. 

Evidence shows that the best outcomes for families are achieved when managers and professionals are supported pre and post-training to deliver their first groups or individual sessions to families. As a result, Parents Plus provides a comprehensive package of pre and post-training supports to professionals and managers who want to ensure a sustainable and effective delivery of the programmes within their agency.

These include:

  • Implementation support to get groups off the ground, including planning workshops and coaching for managers
  • Individual and Group Supervision Sessions with an experienced Parents Plus Trainer*
  • Advanced training workshops on specific topics
  • Extra resources to facilitate delivery, e.g.  parent fliers, posters, certs, practice articles, parenting articles, extra handouts 
  • Support to promote and market your Parents Plus courses 
  • Advice and guidance on evaluating and monitoring outcomes in your agency so you ensure your groups are effective

You can access two individual supervision sessions completely free of charge in the first year post training.

Sponsorship for further supervision is available on application.

Full details of our comprehensive package of pre and post training supports are available here

Completing the —- day Healthy Families Programme training will license you to co-deliver the programme under supervision in both group and one to one sessions with parents. See full licensing guidelines

Advanced Certification

For facilitators who want to take their practice to a higher level, Parents Plus also have an established accreditation process which supports facilitators to refine their facilitations skills and professional practice and reach a high standard of delivery. Representing a major CPD achievement, gaining accreditation allows professionals to deliver the programmes independently in a private capacity and to work towards becoming a Parents Plus Supervisor.  See information on Accreditation here

The Parents Plus Healthy Families Programme Training includes a comprehensive range of materials to ensure effective delivery of your groups.

In running subsequent courses, additional parent booklets can be purchased at cost price by trained facilitators. Trained facilitators are also licensed to copy additional worksheets and handouts from parent books as needed.

Parent Plus also provide onsite training in local organisations and communities.  This is a cost effective way of training your team and also partnering with other agencies to deliver evidence-based programmes in your area. 

If you would like to avail of onsite training within the convenience of your own organisation, contact us to discuss training packages by emailing Pynver@cneragfcyhf.vr

Really positive – I was very unsure about going to the Parents Plus group, I thought people were going to criticise me, but the course gave me the tools I needed in a friendly way … I just need to remember to press the pause button!

become a solution focused facilitator and make this difference.