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Does behaviour management work with teenagers with intellectual disability?

  Question: “As a professional working in a disability service, I am concerned as to how some parents with a teenager with a intellectual disability apply  behaviour management principles, many of whom have attended a Parent Plus Programme. One such example is where a parent of a teen with intellectual disabilities who is non verbal […]

Child Protection and Welfare issues when running a group

Question: “In the group this week a mother became very upset and shared that she shouts at her children regularly and they appear frightened by her extreme emotion. She feels that this could have long-term effects on them and asked if we (the facilitators) thought they were being emotionally abused by her”. Answer: When running […]

What to do when parents have little/no contact with their children?

Facilitator Best Practice Question: “I just had a query in relation to parental participation on the Children’s Programme. The next parenting programme we are rolling out is due to begin soon and we have a had a number of parents interested in taking part who have little/ no contact at present with their children due […]