Become a PP Supervisor and Support other Professionals to Deliver the PP Programmes

Parents Plus is looking to recruit a number of experienced facilitators who can act as supervisors to other Parents Plus Facilitators.

The role of a Parents Plus supervisor is to:

  • Support new Parents Plus Facilitators to get their groups up and running.
  • Provide supervision mentoring to facilitators as they deliver their Parents Plus Groups.
  • Host Parents Plus regional network meetings and local supervision groups.
  • Support facilitators to progress through the Parents Plus Accreditation process.

In order to be a Parents Plus mentor you need to be:

  • Trained and experienced in running one or more of the Parents Plus Programmes.
  • Accredited or in the process of accreditation in one or more of the Parents Plus Programmes.
  • Have specific experience in providing professional supervision and training – this is a distinct advantage.
  • Able to give an indication of how much time you can allocate to mentoring.

Acting as a Parents Plus Supervisor can be done:

  • As part of your role within your agency.
  • In return for a fee from Parents Plus for an identified project.

If you are recruited as a Supervisor, you will be provided with training and supervision from the Parents Plus Training Team and you will become part of a network of Parents Plus Supervisors.

To apply to be a mentor, please fill out the application form here and send it back to