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Parents Plus in Partnership with Falkirk Council

Parents Plus in Partnership with Falkirk Council

“My name is Alice Grant and I am an Additional Support Needs (ASN) Outreach Teacher. I trained to deliver the Parents Plus Early Years programme in September 2022, and then ran one group from May to June 2023.

“During the programme, which ran in person for seven weeks, we were able to see significant shifts in parents’ attitudes and thinking.

“One notable point of the programme was when the parents reflected on the importance of encouraging and spending time with all of their children rather than focusing most on their child with ASN. They found that using the strategies with all of their children was beneficial for the whole family. 

“The parents have established their own WhatsApp group and plan to stay in touch and arrange meet-ups with their children during the summer.

“One parent summed up the general feeling from the group: “The course made me feel less lonely and that others experience the same things with their kids. We are going through similar experiences. It makes me feel more normal.”

“Parents Plus have been, and continue to be, a pleasure to work with. At all stages we have been supported to make the programme a success, and we have felt that Parents Plus staff are helping and working with us, never just trying to sell us something or advocate a single approach. They are supportive, generous with time and materials, and always available to deal with queries.”

The Core delivery of the Parents Plus Early Years programme (PPEY) is an alternative to the original delivery format of the programme. The concepts of the original programme and the written materials for parents have been adapted to become more accessible to a wider range of parents.

This alternative delivery allows facilitators to run the programme with individual families in a flexible manner, shaped to their needs over an extended period of time.

For facilitators already trained in the PPEY, we offer a special one-module training on May 28th, 2024, to demonstrate how to use the PPEY Core Programme, which includes an introduction to the new format and content, a recap of solution-focused video feedback skills, and copies of the new Parent Pack and Facilitator notes.

This special one module training to show you how to use the PPEY Core will take place on the 28th May 2024 (9:15am-1:30pm) online via Zoom.

This training workshop will –
*Introduce you to new PPEY core format and content
* Recaps on skills of solution-focused video feedback
Copies of the new Parent Pack and Facilitator notes are included.

You can book a place on this special one-module training via the button below.

See our training page for details of all trainings