The Early Years – Talking about Feelings

The importance of Talking about Feelings in the Early Years Helping children understand their own feelings and those of others is key to helping them grow up as happy and connected individuals. However, it can be challenging to talk about feelings to very young children who may not yet have the developed the language to understand […]

Getting children back into the school routine after Covid-19

The Power of Good Routines On any normal year, the start back to school after the summer holidays is a major readjustment for families. Now in the era of Covid-19, returning to school brings extra challenges and stresses for parents and children.   Having endured a long six month absence children are more out of a […]

New Parents Plus Website

We have created a new website which we hope will more user-friendly for our facilitators and visitors. There may be some teething problems and tweaks needed as it gets bedded down. Do give us feedback if you spot anything that needs to be changed – thanks

Resources for individuals, families and parents during Covid-19 Crisis

Understanding and tackling the issues around the novel Cornavirus (Covid-19) is challenging for all of us. On this page we list resources for individuals, families and parents on how they can help themselves and their children. We will update the resources regularly. Please feel free to distribute to anyone you think might benefit Articles by […]

Will YOU be our next Parents Plus Board Trustee in 2020?

Parents Plus is currently looking for talented and motivated new Trustees who can serve on the Parents Plus board to advise and guide the organisation to the next stage of its development. We are interested in hearing from potential Trustees  who: Have experience of delivering the Parents Plus Programmes in frontline agencies and/or managing the roll out […]