Family Worker

“Working with the parents is the cornerstone of working with the children in our service”“Parents Plus programmes are very informative, whatever capacity in which you work with parents. The content of the programme materials are excellent”

Community Facilitator, South Gloucestershire

“I really liked the solution oriented way of enabling parents to talk to each other…they said things to each other that I’d never have gotten away with, and really listened and took it on board.”

Parenting Consultant, South Gloucestershire

“An incredibly valuable tool in the toolbox for enabling groups of parents to work collaboratively towards solutions that work for them in their real world situations.”

Co-ordinator Special Needs Services

“Gave me lots of ideas on how to work effectively with parents. I liked the emphasis on strengths based approach. Parents Plus is a very valuable and practical tool for work with parents”

Grainne Smith, Quality Specialist CDI, Tallaght

The materials used in the delivery of the Parents Plus course are very user friendly and relevant. Parents I have worked with have found the DVD, which has real parents and children, as relevant to their own situation.”

Project Leader, Family Service

“Very useful and strengths based…“Absolutely essential for anyone working with parents in groups or on an individual basis”

Rhonda Murphy, Service Manager Chance for Change, Derry

“We have observed first hand the success of the programme for parents and how much they have enjoyed and benefitted from the experience. Many of the parents have attended many parenting programmes!…and all of them felt Parents Plus was different and they have learnt so much more. A lot of our parents are keen to attend due to other parents telling them of how it changed their lives.”

National Parenting Academy UK

“The Parents Plus programme manuals are well detailed and include excellent DVD clips which support the programme materials.”

Grainne Smith, Quality Specialist CDI, Tallaght

“The Parents Plus course has been evaluated and validated in its own right. The pre and post testing with follow up provides the facilitators with confidence to know that they are delivering a well researched programme, which has proven positive outcomes for parents.”

National Parenting Academy UK

“The Parents Plus Children’s Programme theoretical framework is strong, has support for being effective with this population and is directly linked to the content and expected outcomes. The targeted outcomes are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely. Reduced parental stress, child behaviour problems, and children’s hyperactivity have been shown through randomised control trials conducted by the developer.”