Finding a Parents Plus Course in your area

The Parents Plus Programmes are run as 6-12 week parenting courses. They are run by professionals in different services such as Family Resource Centres, Child and Adolescent Mental Health services, Primary Care teams, Child Care Commitees and Schools. The Parents Plus courses are largely run free of charge or at a minimal cost to those attending. If you are interested in attending a Parents Plus course, please make enquiries to your local services. Your Primary Care Team, Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS), GP, school or local Childcare Committee may have more specific information on what is running in your area.

Parents Plus Courses around Ireland/UK

We are currently building a county by county database detailing agencies and organisations running Parents Plus Courses which are open to the public in Ireland and the UK. We include some initial entries for some areas, which we hope to expand over time.  Please click on the name of the programme below that you wish to access.

Also, check out our FACEBOOK and TWITTER pages for the most up to date information on upcoming courses.

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