Working Things Out Programme (WTO) – Training and Booklets

The Parents Plus Programmes are practical evidence-based parenting and mental health courses that are designed to be delivered by professionals who work with families. For a list of professions who may deliver the Parents Plus Programmes go to the Facilitators page here.

Working Things Out Programme (WTO)

A CBT based youth mental health programme that can be used with small groups of adolescents to build coping capacity, promote positive emotional health and to support them in overcoming specific problems.
2-day Training and Programme Materials – €590
2-day Training Place only (for those who wish to re-use previously purchased Programme Materials or are sharing one set of Programme Materials with another trainee) – €290

Facilitator Materials

You may only purchase programme materials without training if you are a facilitator who already has been trained or belong to an agency with staff already trained. Please provide the name of the trained facilitator below.

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