Video Content and Podcasts for Parents

Below you will find links to a selection of videos and podcasts that John Sharry, CEO and Founder of Parents Plus, created with other organisations offering advice and tips for parents.

Webwise – Internet Safety and Dealing with Technology

For Internet Safety Day 2017, John Sharry and Webwise created a series of videos discussing technology use in the home.

Safefood Ireland  – Health Eating & Family Life

Below are a series of videos that John Sharry and Safefood Ireland created to highlight the importance of healthy eating in the family.

John Sharry with Safefood Ireland also offer some tips and advice around common issues that can occur with children around sleep and bedtime in the home.

Reach Out – Teenagers and Youth Mental Health

John Sharry with Reach Out offers advice on how to have a difficult conversation with a teen or young adult.

RTÉ Young People’s Channel

John Sharry talks to RTÉ Junior about different issues affecting families.

Radio Podcasts

  • Listen back to John Sharry on the Seán Moncrieff Show on Newstalk talking all things parenting and offering some useful tips for parents.
  • Listen back to John Sharry on the Pat Kenny Show on Newstalk discussing anxieties in children and how to overcome them.
  • Listen back to John Sharry on the Pat Kenny Show on Newstalk talking about parenting children with food issues.
  • Listen back to John Sharry on the Last Word on Today FM talking about families and how they can adopt healthy lifestyles (as part of the Start campaign with Safefood Ireland, the HSE and Healthy Ireland). (Interview starts at 1.20mins).
  • For more radio interviews around parenting and mental health that John Sharry has done on various radio stations, you can also visit