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  1. What training does Parents Plus offer?

Parents Plus offer facilitator training in each of our five programmes:

  • The Early Years Programme for parents of children aged 1 to 6.
  • The Children’s Programme for parents of children aged 6 to 11.
  • The Adolescent’s Programme for parents of adolescents aged 11 to 16.
  • The Working Things Out Programme targeted at adolescents aged 11-16.
  • Parenting when Separated Programme targeted at parents who are preparing for, going through or have gone through a separation and divorce.

We also provide a range of post-training supports to facilitators and agencies who want to ensure a sustainable and effective delivery of the programmes within their agency including:

  • Family sessions training
  • Individual supervision sessions
  • Group supervision
  1. Who can train as a Parents Plus facilitator?

The programmes are ideal for use by professionals who are looking for collaborative and cost-effective ways of working with parents and young people either on a one to one basis or within small groups. The training is designed to build upon existing professional skills and experience and is open to childcare, mental health, family support and education professionals such as social workers, speech and language therapists, teachers, public health nurses, health visitors, psychologists, and psychiatrists.

It is possible for people without professional qualifications and experience to attend the training such as parents who have completed a Parents Plus course and who are supported by a local community agency to be a co-facilitator. Please contact us if you are interested in training in these circumstances. Please note that you may be asked to submit a CV outlining your experience or a letter of support from the agency you are working with.

Please download our full Licensing Guidelines on our website

  1. How can I find out when the next training courses are taking place?

Please check our Training Schedule to find out when the next training courses are taking place. Alternatively, sign up for our newsletter at the bottom of our homepage.

  1. How can I book a Parents Plus facilitator training?

Please book online at Our training courses are can be found when you click “Shop”.

  1. To start the booking process, click ‘order now’ beside the programme training you wish to book.
  2. Click ‘add attendee’ and complete the form.
  • Programme materials will automatically be added to your booking. If you require programme materials, leave the blue ‘This attendee requires programme materials’ button selected. If you do not require programme materials, deselect the blue ‘This attendee requires programme materials’ button.
  1. When you have completed the booking form, click the blue ‘add attendee’ button at the bottom of the form. The attendee will appear at the top of the booking form.
  2. Repeat the process for each attendee you wish to add.
  3. To check out, click on the shopping basket in the top right corner of the screen and select check out.
  1. Do I need to purchase programme materials at the same time as the training?

We advise purchasing programme materials at the same time as booking your training to avail of the discounted rate of €300. Programme materials can be purchased post-training for €500.

However, if your agency has already purchased programme materials you may re-use them OR you may purchase one set of programme materials between two trainees OR you may purchase a set after attending training.

Please note materials can only be purchased by a trained Parents Plus facilitator or a professional who is booked to attend a Parents Plus training. Programme materials ordered and paid for will be distributed on the first day of training. If you already have a facilitator’s programme manual please bring it on the training day/s as the training is based on the manual.

You must have access to the full programme materials to deliver the Parents Plus Programmes in your own groups post-training.

  1. I don’t have a credit card. Can I still make a booking?

While we encourage you to book using a credit card, it is possible to be invoiced. On the payment page, select ‘I wish to be issued with an invoice and payment will be made by cheque, electronic bank transfer or money order on receipt of invoice’ and you will be emailed an invoice.

  1. I want to book two training places but only one set of programme materials. Is this possible?

Yes. While we recommend each attendee having their own set up programme materials, we understand that resources do not always allow for this. One set of programme materials can be purchased between two facilitators.

Simply, deselect the blue ‘This attendee requires programme materials’ button when adding the attendee that does not require programme materials.

  1. How do I view my basket or edit my booking?

Your basket is in the top right hand corner of the screen. When you add items, they will appear in your basket. Click on your basket to see the content and that total price. You can delete the contents of your basket by clicking the bin symbol. You can also add / edit items at the checkout stage of booking before proceeding to payment.

  1. Do I need to purchase Parent Booklets?

One Parent Booklet is included in your programme materials. Following your training, you are welcome to photocopy the Parent Booklet for handouts in the groups you run. However, many parents like to have their own booklets with all of their worksheets, handouts and checklists that they can refer back to easily. You can order Parents Booklets in packs of 15 for €120. Please note, we can only accept orders from trained facilitators or alongside a training booking.

  1. I have purchased programme materials / post training products? When will I receive them?

Please note that we can only distribute programme materials which have been ordered and paid for. Once Parents Plus receive payment for an order, it will be dispatched to the delivery address supplied.

If you have ordered programme materials / post training products like Parents Booklets, we will dispatch them as soon as payment is received and issue you with a receipt. Please check that you have entered the correct delivery address on your order.

If you require additional help, please do not hesitate to contact Una at or phone 01 8307984