Special Needs Programme Sponsorship Opportunity for Limerick and Clare services

The JP McManus Benevolent Fund and Parents Plus charity have announced the sponsorship of free training places to professionals providing services to adolescents and young adults with an intellectual disability in Limerick and Clare. 

The JP McManus Benevolent Fund will sponsor the training of professionals in the first evidence-based parenting programme in the world for parents of young people with an Intellectual Disability.  

Speaking of the initiative, CEO of Parents Plus John Sharry explains, “We are incredibly grateful to the J.P. McManus Benevolent Fund for this opportunity to provide the Parents Plus Special Needs Programme training to services in Limerick and Clare.  With the support of the J.P. McManus Benevolent Fund, professionals will be able to avail of this vital training free of charge and help families who are struggling during this time of adolescence.”

First international evidence-based programme

The Parents Plus Special Needs Programme (PPSN) is the first international, evidence-based parenting programme with proven benefits for families with an adolescent with a learning disability.   In 2019/2020, in a large Randomised Controlled Trial with Trinity College Dublin Psychology Department, parents attending the Parents Plus Special Needs Programme reported significant improvements in: 

  • Parenting practices 
  • Problem behaviours 
  • Parental satisfaction 
  • Self-efficacy, and 
  • Goal attainment  

Dr Charlotte Wilson, of Trinity College Dublin, who led the Randomised Controlled Trial (RCT), highlights “We know internationally there has never been a randomised controlled trial of a programme like this.  The ParentsPlus Special Needs Programme fills the massive gap in service provision.  This Programme provides access for parents to expert information, from professionals facilitating the group, the manuals, information from other parents.  This matters to families.  They are no longer alone.”  

Apply for sponsorship 

If you are a professional working with children, adolescents or young adults with an intellectual disability in Limerick and Clare, or are running a Parent Led Support group for families, and would like to apply for a JP McManus Benevolent funded place on the Parents Plus Special Needs professional training, please complete the following Application Form and Contract of Agreement and submit to Rvyrra@cneragfcyhf.vr before 19th of May at 5p.m

Included in the sponsorship opportunity 

  • 3 x ½ day modules
  • Facilitator Manual and first set of parent books 
  • Post training implementation support 
  • Supervision  

Information Webinar

To find out more, please attend the information webinar, hosted by the Parents Plus Charity and supported by the JP McManus Benevolent Fund, on 28th of April at 10a.m.  Sign up here

Closing dates for applications for sponsorship is 19th of May at 5p.m.  

Please feel free to pass on this sponsorship opportunity to your colleagues also.  For further information on PPSN, its impact for young people, parents and families, or Randomised Controlled Trial results visit www.parentsplus.ie 

For any queries in relation to this sponsorship opportunity, please contact Eileen.