Free Seminar to Launch Parents Plus ADHD Children’s Programme on 20th October

Thursday 20th October 2022 10am – 11:30am online by zoom

You are invited to attend a special practice seminar to launch the new Parents Plus ADHD Children’s programme (for parents of children aged 6-12).

Sign up to the seminar to hear

  • how the ADHD programme was developed
  • the extra content that was developed to meet the needs of parents of children with ADHD
  • how you can train to deliver the programme in your service

During the seminar there will be presentations from

  • Practitioners from Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services  (CAMHS) who have already delivered the programme
  • Facilitators who delivered the programme through ADHD Ireland
  • Parents who have participated in the groups and input into the programme development

You are most welcome to attend if you are a professional interested in training as a facilitator, or if you are a manager interested in finding out how the Parents Plus ADHD Children’s programme will work in your service.

The seminar is free to attend but you must register in advance here

In the development of the Parents Plus ADHD Children’s programme we are grateful for the support of ADHD Ireland and the many CAMHS services in Ireland and the UK who participated in the pilots.