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Parents Plus Children’s Programme training starting 22nd June
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Parents Plus Children’s Programme training starting 22nd June

New Parents Plus Children's Programme training

We have set up a new online Parents Plus Children’s Programme Facilitator Training. This will be run over three days on 22nd and 25th June and 10th September. One of the advantages of online training is its increased accessibility and flexibility of delivery. With the Parents Plus DVDs available to stream and many extra resources on our website, programme delivery has never been easier.

The PPCP 3-day training will focus on

  • Developing an in-depth understanding of the Children’s Programme
  • Learning how to deliver the programme to groups and individual families, both face to face and in online sessions
  • Opportunities to observe and practice the skills necessary to become an effective solution focused facilitator
  • Building on parents already present strengths to become the basis for ongoing change
  • Strengthening family, school and community partnerships

Training Schedule

17th June –  Short Optional intro session (2- 3pm) ensure everyone is ready for training

22nd June –  Goals, PPCP background, evidence base, structure of programme, getting started with delivery

25th June – Individual  and groupwork skills, Face to face and online delivery

10th Sept – Engaging parents, getting groups started, family sessions, dealing with challenges

 The days run from 9:30 to 4pm and are delivered online via Zoom with tea breaks and 1 hour lunch break. To enhance learning participants are invited to complete 1-2 hours study time  between sessions.

For more information on the programme and bookings can be made here