Getting Parents Plus Up and Running in your Agency

Successfully getting a Parents Plus programme up and running in your agency takes some time and preparation and Parents Plus are here to support you every step of the way.

  1. Identify your target group of families you want to help and which Parents Plus programme(s) will work with them
  2. Plan training for facilitators in the relevant programmes
  3. Avail of post training and support to get your groups started
  4. Follow the Parents Plus quality protocol as you deliver the groups to get best results
  5. Consider facilitator accreditation to ensure programmes are continually run in your agency

Parents Plus are delighted to consult with you about our programmes can best meet the needs of the families you work with and to collaborate in the service delivery. If you are manager or a service commissioner or lead facilitator we can send you our special guide on how to successfully implement the  Parents Plus Programmes in your agency which includes an agency readiness checklist for you to review.

Please email us with details of your agency, your role and your goals for the delivering the Parents Plus Programmes and we will send you the relevant guide