Facilitator Training

The Parents Plus Programmes are evidence-based parenting and mental health programmes for families which can be delivered by trained professionals under license from the Parents Plus Charity. Each Parents Plus Programme comes with a two or three day training and attending the training is compulsory for professionals before they deliver the programme materials to families.

Scheduled Training: We have facilitator training regularly scheduled throughout the year, typically two to three times a year for each programme which you can  easily book places on.

Onsite Training: If you have a larger group to be trained, Parents Plus can provide onsite training in your agency which can prove a very cost-effective way of accessing Parents Plus training for your whole team. In addition, Parents Plus can provide specific support in the roll-out and evaluation of the programmes to ensure effective community wide delivery. Please contact us directly admin@parentsplus.ie if you are interested in hosting an onsite training in your agency.

Facilitator Training Content

The Facilitator Training: Each programme takes place over two to three days and will equip the participants in using the relevant Parents Plus programme with parents and children, both in groups and individually. Though the exact format of training will be tailored to the exact needs of the participants, the outline below gives an idea of the content, taking the example of the Parents Plus Children’s Programme:

Day One – Understanding the Parents Plus Childrens Programme

Day one will focus on teaching the background principles and content of the Parents Plus Children’s Programme. Participants will work through each of the modules of the programme and gain experience in how to maximise learning for parents. A particular focus will be on helping participants not only understand the communication principles that underpin the approach but also to gain practice via role play and experiential exercises on how these can be applied to working with  parents and children.

Day Two  – Delivering Individual and Family Sessions

Participants will be shown how to deliver individual family sessions alongside the Parents Plus group as a means of maximising the outcomes for families These sessions can be offered just to the parents alone or they can include the child and adolescent and thus take the form of whole family sessions. Sometimes, it is appropriate to provide a mixture of parent and family sessions depending on the needs of the family. Family sessions have the benefit of allowing for time to address individual parent concerns that may not be covered in the group and engaging children in the process and giving the family ‘live practice’ of communicating effectively with one another and problem solving.

Day Three  – Facilitating  Groups with  Parents

Participants will be shown how to use the Children’s Programme both individually and with groups of parents. In particular the course will take  participants through the steps of designing and running effective groups with parents and in particular will show parents how to maximise the effectiveness of the Parents Plus Programmes in groups and in individual work with parents.

Topics will include:

  • Designing an effective group intervention
  • Preparing parents and facilitators
  • Motivating parents to attend
  • Effective group facilitation
  • Structuring sessions
  • Handling difficult group situations

Participants will be given the opportunity to try out the skills in role-play and will be given feedback and support from the trainers on their groupwork skills with parents.