David Jaques, Author of Learning in Groups

‘Enlightening, clearly written, and helpfully presented … The book echoes
what Solution-Focused Groupwork is all about – being practical and
optimistic about human potential.’

Chris Iveson, Brief Therapy Practice London

‘John Sharry has fluency with language that allows complexity to sit side by side with clarity and ideas to flow across the page. This is a book that must be read by
anyone interested in front line developments in solution-focused therapy.’

Scott D. Miller, Co-founder, Institute for the Study of Therapeutic Change, Chicago, USA

‘Solution-Focused Groupwork picks up where Irvin Yalom’s classic ‘Theory and
Practice of Group Psychotherapy’ left off. In a thoughtful, step-by-step, and easy-to- read fashion, John Sharry integrates the best from established principles of group therapy with recent advances in brief, strength-based, resiliency-oriented treatment approaches. A must read for practitioners working with groups.’

V. Draper

‘The case studies are illuminating. The ideas and theories are set out in clear, readable progression. It should change practice. Wonderful.’

Nurturing Potential

‘This is a valuable book, worth attention in every child and family service …
I recommend this book to anyone who lives or works with families, children
or teenagers.’

Chris Iveson, Brief Therapy Practice London

John Sharry’s book is a jewel in the solution focused literature. It is clearly and engagingly written, draws on a host of ideas from different therapeutic approaches and is packed with practical examples. There is no better book on strengths-based therapy with children and adolescents. Every team should have one.’

Scott Miller, ISTC Chicago, USA

‘In a clear, engaging, and step-by-step fashion, John Sharry describes how therapists, social workers, and helpers of all stripes, can tap into the many assets and abilities lying in wait in today’s youth. I highly recommend it.’