Who can facilitate programmes

The Parents Plus programmes are versatile packages suitable for delivery in clinical and community settings. They can be delivered by a variety of professionals, including teachers, social workers, speech and language therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, public health nurses and health visitors or any professionals working in child care, family support or community settings. Attendance at the Parents Plus Trainings is compulsory for facilitators prior to delivering the groups.

As the Parents Plus Facilitator Trainings are relatively short trainings they  are designed to build upon existing professional skills and experience. As a result the facilitator training is generally only open to the child care, mental health and education professionals such as those listed above. In special circumstances it is sometimes possible for people without the professional qualifications above to attend the training such as parents who have attended the parents plus courses and are supported by a local community agency. Please contact us in these circumstances.

Click here to view the Parents Plus Licensing Guidelines.

Delivering the Parents Plus Programmes

The Parents Plus and Working Things Out Programmes are designed as collaborative educational/therapeutic courses to be delivered by trained professionals to small groups of parents over  six to twelve weeks.

The programmes have been successfully delivered in:

  • Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services
  • Mainstream and Special Schools
  • Family Centres and Community Resource Services
  • Youth Services
  • Disability Services
  • Child Protection Agencies
  • Mediation Services
  • Family Counselling Agencies
  • Professional Training Agencies

The programmes can be delivered as a general parenting programme targeted at parents within the community who are dealing with the normal ups and downs of bringing up children and teenagers, and  also as an intervention targeted at parents whose children are exhibiting specific behavioural, emotional and developmental problems.

During the weekly sessions, specific topics are introduced via DVD teaching examples. The DVD examples contain real and role-played scenes of parents and children interacting, backed up by professional and parent interviews and comments. The DVDs are of high production value and have an entertaining and flowing format which allows each sub-section on the video to be watched through as a unit, or to be paused at various scenes for replay and close scrutiny.

Learning is enhanced in each group by group discussion, role play, practice examples, homework and handouts. Each week one positive parenting idea (on play and communication, reading, helping children learn etc) and one positive discipline idea (on rules, routines, consequences discipline plans etc) is covered so as to meet the different needs of families. There is also room in the course to include modules on specific challenges such as education, dealing with ADHD, or Anxiety and Depression, depending on the needs of the group.

PP Quality Protocol & Accreditation Process

Parents Plus have an established Quality Protocol and Accreditation Process that is designed to ensure an effective delivery of the Parents Plus Programmes post training. The Quality Protocol centres on a series of checklists to ensure you are establishing client centred goals, gaining session by session feedback from clients and that you regularly have a reflective space in supervision to review client progress and your own practice.  In addition, Parents Plus offer group and individual supervision as well as implementation support to agencies to ensure effective delivery of the programme. Attendance at supervsion and following the Parents Plus Quality Protocol are the basis to achieving Accreditation.

For more information, see: PP Facilitator Accreditation Process 2016 FINAL